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You hear my heart beat (Dagmar's Collective)"

"You hear my heart beat" - Dagmar's Collective

Music: Emilio Foglio, Michele Fazio, Sandro De Bellis

Lyrics: Dagmar Segbers

Label: Piesse GrooveIt (Italy) 2016

After a long (too long) time, I managed to study another song and finally it's a song that is part of the repertoire of Dagmar's Collective, our band with whom I am happy to collaborate since 2013 by releasing two albums ("Different Wor(l)ds" - IRMA Records Group + "Find a way" - Groove It). I wanted to learn how to play a song that is not a cover and here I am doing a cover of a song that I also contributed to. It's a ballad that I really like to cathalogue and I find it to be one of the most beautiful tracks on the 'Find a way' album. I hope you enjoy this acoustic version of mine.

P.S.: With Dagmar's Collective we are already working on the third album and will soon reveal more news

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