Dagmar Segbers, singer and songwriter, German and Dutch origin, has placed strong musical and cultural roots in Italy. With her original and warm voice, she is capable of giving voice to various musical genres such as jazz, folk, blues, pop, soul and country. The artist is already well known in Italy and Europe for her vocal timbre and her artistic sweetness. Her, among other things, song "Love come with Me" was chosen by the Prince of Monaco as a soundtrack to his wedding with Miss Carlene Wittstock. Dagmar is also one of the few singers to perform in multiple languages ​​(English, Italian, Spanish, French, Spanish, Portuguese German) with excellent diction. With her band Dagmar's Collective she released the album “Different Wor(l)ds" released in 2013 with the label Irma Records of Bologna. In addition to original pieces written by the singer, the album contains 6 tracks sung in 6 different languages ​​including English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German. Recently (in October 17, 2016) the second album  came  "Find a way"  was published that contains only original tracks written by the singer herself together with musicians Michele Fazio and Emilio Foglio.

Dagmar also works as an interpreter and songwriter for producers like "Papik" (Irma Records), Pippo Landro (New Music International), Pierpaolo D'Emilio (Dirotta on Cuba), Andrea Zuppini, Michele Fazio Emilio Foglio and the GrooveIt label.

Some of the songs written by Dagmar have been interpreted and sung by well-known artists such as Simona Bencini (Dirotta Su Cuba), Walter Ricci, Ely Bruna and Alan Scaffardi.

Dagmar was born in Germany, in a village of 3000 souls in Lower Saxony, on the border between Germany and the Netherlands. She is a daughter of a German mother and a Dutch father who, however, she only knew when she was 20 years old. Her father worked as a DJ in the 70’s and everyone in her family is interested and involved in music. Dagmar's has a huge collection of CDs and vinyl records and thanks to this; Dagmar discovered her love for jazz music...

Dagmar started singing in a school choir, then very young continued singing and performing with various bands. Things changed abruptly only when Marcus Coles, a lyrical American singer baritone, came into her life and after hearing her casually, said, "You do not have to imitate but feel what you sing and interpret it accordingly!" This observation proved to be decisive for Dagmar’s artistic life.

Dagmar is one of the few singers to perform in Milan in multiple languages ​​(English, Neapolitan, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese with excellent diction.

In addition to music, Dagmar Segbers also loves cultures, foreign languages ​​and does not hide that she would like to learn more about them perfectly. Considering the united Europe, the idea of ​​combining the different languages ​​and genres for Dagmar, diversity can only enrich people and for her it is not a topic that should be taken into consideration only in the music Sector.

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