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Check out my voice for "Piccarda" (The Divine Comedy)

A musical version of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. The famous tale unfolds in the classic tripartite form between readings, speeches and musical pieces.

The Commedia is the poem written by Durante di Alighiero degli Alighieri, commonly known as Dante Alighieri, between about 1304 and 1321. The complete translations of the Commedia number around 58, in European, Asian, African and South American languages. Over the centuries, the Commedia has been the subject of various reinterpretations, including theatrical ones. To date, a telecinematic version is missing, while a ludic version, Dante's Inferno, was developed by Visceral Games in 2010, for Playstation and Xbox.

Missing from the list was a musical version, capable of transporting listeners into Dante's three worlds, bringing to life both the terrors of hell and the sweet bliss of Empyrean. And now, thanks to the music of DJ and record producer Dance, House, Soulful House-Deep, Joseph B (Joseph Brittanni) and pianist Alex JB Martin, this has become a reality.

Here are some links to listen to it:

Together with the narrative voice of Professor Kronos (anagrafe Gianluca Cellai, prof. of Letters) and the very young voices of Kiara Brittanni, daughter of Deejay Joseph B and Andrea Gallorini, took part in the project: Simone Gambini figurant and telecast actor; Marco Raimondi, conductor of the Amadeus Altomilanese orchestra; Cosimo Mero, Literature teacher at the Liceo Manzoni in Milan; Enza Pietrangelo, Literature teacher, fashion journalist and organiser of cultural events; Monica Landro, record producer and expert in international communications; Klaus Savoldi Bellavitis, internationally renowned jazz musician; Laura Mills, arranger, composer, co-producer of opera songs; Simone Di Matteo, author, entrepreneur, well-known face of Beijing Express, writer and graphic illustrator; Emanuela Gramaglia, singer; Francesca Lovatelli Caetani, journalist and television speaker; Andrea Candeo, actor and face of several advertising campaigns; Dagmar Segbers, manager, model, pianist and German jazz, soul, blues, folk and country singer; Fabrizio Barbuto, journalist, television and film actor, radio speaker; Francesco Rizzuto, Zelig and Colorado actor, winner of the National Cabaret Festival 'Bravo Grazie'; Gianfranco Messina, one of the best pianists on the Italian scene, violinist and professor of musicology at the Milan Conservatory; and finally, Luca Zeta, radio DJ, TV presenter, record producer, as well as composer and singer.

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